Message from the Chairman

"Creating attractive urban spaces all over the world" 9steps conducts services based on this philosophy.

Since the establishment in 2005, 9steps has been engaged in projects in various countries by providing business services in the fields of regional and urban development, architectural design, spatial design, landscape design, civil engineering, and business planning.

In the field of urban planning and development, the knowledge, technologies, experiences, and engineering know-how accumulated in line with systems for development in Japan are the precious ones in the world. Transport Orientated Development (TOD), Smart City Systems, and Urban Infrastructure Management with excellent maintenance works are unique practices in Japan.

Then it has become the priority challenge for the Japanese development and construction businesses to carry out and to spread the practices in the world.

We understand that for carrying out the practices with intended efficacies in the other countries, planning and implementation must be based on the proper comprehension of the local social systems, local customs, local preferences and local way of thinking, which are rooted in the local culture. The planning systems and engineering technologies for the practices have to be adapted accordingly to these local context and local market for proper realization. Although these systems and development methods have been successful in domestic market in Japan, analyses on real situation required for proper modification are indispensable in accomplishing the efficacies. We have been conducting the type of studies and been continuing accumulation of the necessary knowledge and know-how for proposing best solutions.

At the same time we are sure to formulate the clear vision for the future in association with the excellent communicating capability to convey its concept, philosophy, and significance accurately to the stakeholders.

We devote our technical knowledge, know-how, and skills collectively with philosophical contribution to sustainable regional and urban development in the world.

Nine steps corporation
Chairman and managing director